How to Care for your Purchase

Caring for your wood products goes far beyond dusting and polishing. Wood reacts to environmental changes, such as humidity, temperature and light. The information provided to you in this post will help to ensure your purchase lasts a lifetime!

Any wood products for interior use should be stored indoors, in the environment in which it will be installed, protected from extreme temperatures, humidity or dryness.
Do not store any woodwork in an unheated basement, on a recently poured concrete floor, or in a building with standing water on the floor.
Keep all lumber and millwork products away from heat sources.
Moldings and lumber should be stacked neatly, in well supported piles.

Doors and millwork should be evenly supported to prevent warpage.
Interior and Exterior materials should be finished as soon as possible. Depending on the product and jobsite conditions, a delay of even a few days could result in damage.
As wood picks up moisture it will expand, when it gives up moisture it shrinks. Problems such as cupping, twisting, warping, splitting, and glue seam failure are often caused by “rapid” changes of moisture content.



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