About Us

“Be so good, they can’t ignore you.” Steve Martin

We live in a society that always seems to be in a hurry. As technology advances, so too does convenience. People are always in search for the next quick fix: self service check outs, online shopping… even drive through funeral parlors are popping up in the United States. In the midst of all these “advances” we are losing something so fundamental to this world – the human connection. Gone are the days when farmers would deliver fresh milk and customer service was at the forefront of each purchase.

France Custom Cabinetry takes a different approach with our clients – we slow things down a notch. France Custom Cabinetry’s top priority is ensuring that our clients feel informed every step of the way – from the initial vision, to the finished product. You work hard for your money – France Custom Cabinetry recognizes this, which is why it is important to empower our customers; give them options. At France Custom Cabinetry we design each piece to fit your budget and lifestyle. Our customers are at the heart of this company.

What puts France Custom Cabinetry ahead of our competition? The owner’s passion for what he does. Mr. France is more than just a cabinetmaker… he is an artist in his trade. This company has been a dream in the making since the owner was just a young boy watching in amazement as his father would build. Mr. France has come a long way since then. After graduating from the Industrial Woodworking Techniques Program, and working 15 years in several custom cabinet shops, it was about time this dream turned into a reality!


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