More than just a cabinet…

Normally my days consist of building cabinetry.  Bars, kitchens, laundry rooms… this week was different, and it taught me that there is so much more to what I do than cabinetry.  Wood can hold memories  – something you can cherish for a lifetime.

With permission, I am forwarding a lovely post from someone who showed me there is more to woodworking than cabinetry!

“You remember the story of my catalpa tree? The monstrous one that came down between two houses and missed mine by three inches?

Well, that tree was a cherished part of my childhood. We had a tree fort in it, we climbed out a bedroom window and shinnied down a branch because it was the coolest way to go outside to play. We climbed it constantly and even fell off a time or two.

I was heartbroken when it came down and, yes, shed a tear as it was removed. I have very fond memories and miss it’s overshadowing presence.

Imagine my delight, then, when the fantastically talented Christopher and Christy France agreed to turn some of the wood into something I could have as a memory of that special tree.

They have crafted three breathtakingly gorgeous bowls that will be keepsakes for my siblings and myself. They worked some magic and the inner beauty of that big old tree has emerged!

I am deeply grateful.”

Krista Warnke's photo.
Krista Warnke's photo.
Krista Warnke's photo.
Krista Warnke's photo.
Krista Warnke's photo.

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